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Disclaimer: Tolkien’s characters belong to him. The PPC belong to Jay and Acacia and Alec and Verra belong to me.




After the battle at HFA, Verra and Alec returned to their office, extremely sore (in Alec’s case) and contentedly full (in Verra’s case). Exhausted Alec flopped down in one of the two chairs and tried to pull his feet up on to the desk, but this required too much effort and so instead he slumped down. Verra let out a loud burp as she gave a back cracking stretch.


“That,” she said, “Was fun. I haven’t had that much fun in ages. Lovely world that Harry Potter’s got. I’d love to visit there again. Perhaps as a guest lecture or something.” She looked over at her husband for some sort of response. She didn’t get any because he had fallen asleep. Her face twitched between a smile and a frown, as she tried to decided if this was something she should be annoyed about. Eventually she decided that he looked extremely adorable slouched in the chair, hair falling in his eyes, and hands clasped on his chest. She went to one of the storage closets and pulled out a hand knitted blanket. As she started to drape it across him, she noticed something on the console.


It was a stack of pages from a story. She dropped the blanket and started to flip through them. Half way through the first chapter she let out a threatening growl. It was a Thranduil abuses Legolas story. Why these were unfortunately common enough, it was enough to boil her dragon blood, because she was a Thranduil luster (not that she’d ever admit that to her husband, but then again Alec would be one to talk having put down Equal Opportunity Luster on his application). When asked to explain her fascination with the Wood Elf King she just said there’s something extremely dragonish about him and his jewel obsession.


When she was done with the first chapter she unceremoniously dumped her husband out of his chair.


“Wha-? I didn’ do it… honest I have no idea how it got in my pocket…” Alec mumbled as he struggled from sleep to the unhappy consciousness that came from having an upset wife. Blearily he looked up at his wife. Verra shoved the story at him.


“We have a job to do.”


“We do? But I didn’t hear anythin’ go beep…” His voice trailed off as she narrowed her eyes at him. “Right, okay, so where are we goin’?”


“Greenwood.” She said tossing the equipment bag at him. He caught it full in the chest before he stumbled up, clutching it like a life preserver. “Elves. Abuse fic. Will smite.” Verra growled the answers to his unspoken questions, punching buttons angrily. The portal clicked open showing the great beyond of the story. Grabbing Alec’s wrist she stormed through the portal.


le: Glimmer of Hope

Author: Laureselde

Rating: PG13 for [sort of] child abuse in the early chapters and also future slash. Also, implied RAPE and MURDER.

Warning: This fiction will contain slash. That means male x male relationships. If you do not like that or it offends you, please feel free to press the back button. Also, child abuse. Same applies.

This story was based -LOOSELY- on 'The Lord of The Rings' by Jrr. Tolkien. It centres mainly on the childhood of Legolas Greenleaf.


Alec and Verra stood in darkness as the Author’s notes rebounded over them in a petulant and self important voice. Verra’s foot started to tap irritably.


Yes, for all of you who have read some of my stories, this IS a re-post of my previous story. 'Why did you remove it?' you ask. Well the reasons are very simple. Firstly, I wanted to finish it before I posted it again on FF.net as a result of reason two: I was depressed and un-confident, and I let the flamers get the best of me. Yes, yes I know, why would I submit to flamers when I have 'buckets of water' at my very whim? I do not know. Now, however, I can confidently say I do not care about flamers. After all, who would want to sit around reading someone's stories and complaining about their storyline? If ya don't like it, don't read it. To all you flamers out there, I know your little greedy minds just hunger for a good story to flame, so go right ahead, free food for flamers. I have a BBQ at the ready, and when you come within a mile of me I will toss you in the coals. So anyway, if you flame, I get myself a nice BBQ with my favourite food ever: SAUSAGES!!! Yuuum, and I only get my BBQ if you flame me, so 'heeere flamers flamers flamers! Heeeere flamey-flamey-flamers!!!'. Also, I have a song about flamers (taken from 'Ive got a Theory' from the BtVS episode 'Once More With Feeling'. I don't think I am allowed to post it on fanfiction.net though, so got to my user lookup and there is a link.

Also, I KNOW that in the books there have been no mentions of child abuse. I KNOW that they consider it wrong.


“If you know that, why do you do write to the contrary?” Alec muttered, trying to write charges in the dark. Verra’s foot still tapped.


That is EXACTLY why Elrond and Glorfindel etc HELPED Legolas. Remember, Thranduil's wife has been RAPED AND MURDERED. He is not going to act normally. Legolas goes into bouts of depression, rendering him all but catatonic. Thranduil sees no way to get him back to the real world then to strike him, as he will not react to anything else. People go mad when their loved ones die. Believe me, I know. If you don't agree with my story, please leave. If, however, you feel the urge to comment on how my plot 'is not very realistic', please leave a NICE review stating your belief. Remember, you are NOT obliged to read this. I am NOT forcing you. If you don't like, don't read. Simple. Those who don't like but read on anyway are just going against your own beliefs and morals, and all I can do is hope that you get your priorities sorted out. I would love to help you, but there is nothing I can do about that.

“Is she done yet?” Verra asked.


“Apologizing yes.”


Notes: All right, so ages and such.Going by the book, Elladan and Elrohir were born in 130 The Third Age. Arwen was born in 241 The Third Age. The Second War Of The Ring was in 3018 The Fourth Age. This means that during the LoTR Trilogy, The twins were 2888 and Arwen was 2777. As no one knows the real birth date or age of Legolas, I am going to make him younger than Arwen. He will be 2444 The War Of The Ring, therefore being born in 352 The Fourth Age. Now I am not sure as to how many elven years there are to human ones in the sense of maturing, but I will say that Arwen is the equivalent of two years younger than the twins, and Legolas is six years younger than Arwen; eight years younger than the twins. I also know that elves are supposed to reach their majority at 50, but looking at the timelines in Lord Of The Rings and the ages for the War of The Ring, it seems to me that 50 is far too young for majority. Therefore, I will say that elves reach their majority at the equivalent of an 18 year old human - roughly 2000 (probably slightly over that amount).

Verra listened to this and looked at where she thought her husband should be, “Wasn’t the war of the ring the end of the Third Age?”




“So how could Arwen, Legolas and the Twins have been born in the beginning of the fourth age?”


Alec shrugged, then realizing that she couldn’t see it, said, “I don’t know, perhaps some sort of weird form of time travel was involved. It’s happened before.”


“And isn’t giving elves an extremely long maturation process sort of silly? I mean even dragons aren’t like that, By five they’re usually fit and able killers, a bit small but still….” Alec had nothing to say to this, he never did.


This story is set when Legolas was the equivalent of a six year old, Arwen was twelve and the twins were fourteen. All the old Elven Lords are perceived by me to be 'ageless' but all looking as if they are about 20-22. This is based on the fact that in the Fellowship Of The Ring, the Lord and Lady of the woods were told to be very old but still looked youthful. Therefore, it is only natural to presume that all elves stay looking at a certain age when they reach it. I hope that made sense...

“Blah… blah, blah, Is she done yet?


Another note is that both Celebrian and Arwen are still existent in this fiction, although they are both visiting Lothlorien for about three quarters of it. Celebrian did not sail to the West until 2510 the Fourth Age, when the twins were 2380 and Arwen was 2269.

“Third age,” Alec muttered


The ages and times have little relevance in this story, but just to show that I HAVE read the books, I have proof that my times and stuff SHOULD work. If you find any problems with this, however, please tell me.

Also, in this story, the twins have a very special link to one another. They can speak to each other through a mind link they have had since the day they were split during pregnancy (Their mother's pregnancy, not theirs!! Lol). What they say during their mind link shall be written like this:

“Never knew fetuses were so intelligent…” Verra said, her foot tapping finally stopping.

{Blah blah blah}

Finally, the pronunciations of the names. Galîon is pronounced GA-lee-on and Amörèth is pronounced am-OR-eth .



"Y-yes, A-adar. I apologise, I am weak." [Father]

A tiny blond figure lay crumpled on the ground, dark bruises forming on his tiny face and were made all the more disconcerting by the blood seeping from the newly formed cuts on his face. Looming over the child was a large being, definitely male, fists clenched from the blows he just took to the child seconds beforehand.

Verra and Alec found themselves in an undescribed place. In front of them were two elves, well an elf and an elfling. The elfling was cowering in fear at the elf yelled at it. Trying to ignore Verra’s low throated growling, Alec pulled out the CAD and pointed it at the two elves.


[Legolas. Male Elf. Cannon. 23% disruption]


Was the reading for the elfling.


[Thranduil. Male Elf. Cannon 98% Character RUPTURE!!!! Characterruptureing intoSPAM!] the handheld device began to smoke and Alec dropped it. When it landed on his foot a few sparks flew out catching his boot on fire.


“Fire bolts…” He muttered stamping out the flames with his other foot. He liked these boots.


Unbelievable as it may seem, these two figures were the royalty of the elven land of Eryn Lasgalen [Greenwood the Great, known during the times of the Fellowship as 'Mirkwood'].

The author’s voice bellowed from the unformed sky or ceiling as they didn’t know if they were out side or in.


“Show off…” said Verra.


Yes, the looming figure was King Thranduil and the tiny child was Prince Legolas Tharanduilion.

Legolas' mother had been raped and murdered by Orcs recently, and Thranduil was not coping very well. However, Legolas was coping even more terribly than his father, as he had been forced to witness his mother's untimely end by the orcs, after being beaten a few times himself. Legolas blamed himself for the death of his mother, and Thranduil blamed himself. Therefore, whenever Legolas would 'wallow in self pity', Thranduil would get angry at how 'blind' his son could be, and got frustrated with Legolas' ignorance of his father's words. Legolas would often get trapped in his own memories, and Thranduil would see no option than to beat his son to bring him back to the real world, as Legolas would not respond.

“If that was logic I’m an Oompa Loompa.”


“Be careful dear, knowing your powers you might turn yourself into one and then the Department of Displaced Flora and Fauna will have to kill you.” Verra said far too cheerfully for the situation. He was expecting her to be more… upset seeing her favorite acting such. Which was why he started to worry.


"Good. Now, stand up and go wash your filthy face in the stream. I do not want to have such an ungraceful sight scurrying about my castle! Lord Elrond will be arriving soon, along with his party, and you are to act every bit the young prince you are - none of this pathetic-little-baby crap you are performing now!"

"Yes, A-adar." Said the 'prince', trying his best to sound brave and positive.

"DO NOT STAMMER!" Obviously, Legolas' attempts to be brave had failed miserably.

"I will see you later then. Remember, you are a prince, not a mouse."

With that, the Elven King strode out of the room, leaving the Tiny 'Prince' to tend to his injuries.

“Skip the next chapter, it’s boring.” Verra said and waited for him to open the portal device for them to be able to slip ahead of the narrative. In chapter three they found themselves standing unobtrusively behind the king as the party from Rivendell came up. Alec rocked on his heels slightly bored, while Verra checked out the King’s shapely butt, wishing that she had remembered to bring a camera.


The King Thranduil himself met the party in the frontcourts, with his two chief advisors, Lord Galîon and Lord Amörèth standing slightly behind him.

"Mae Govannen, mellon-nin!" [Welcome, my friend] greeted Thranduil, whilst holding a hand over his heart in the traditional elvish way of greeting. However, Elrond noticed a thick air of sadness surrounding Thranduil, and could tell that his 'happiness' was just a guise.

"Thranduil, nin-mellon, it has been a long time. How fare you?" Asked Elrond, disguising his notice of Thranduil's false tone and expression.

"I am well, and yourself? How was your journey?"

"I fare well also, our journey was a smooth one, with only one attack, if you really call two orcs an 'attack'."

"I am glad to hear it. I trust the rest of you are well also? Good, well then give your horses over to Gàlîon and Amörèth, and I shall lead you to your chambers." With that, the two advisors of the King proceeded to take the horses to the stables, whilst the King lead the party to their chambers, giving them a small tour of the house as he did so.


The two agents followed as Alec added, “making advisors, even non-existant ones doing labor that stables hands are supposed to do. Turning the splendid caverns of Thranduil into a house. Big house, but house nonetheless.” To the charge list.


Things were actually going rather smoothly, and Alec started wondering when the Sue would show up. It was a Sue story wasn’t it? No wait, he glanced at the words, it was an AU. He looked over at Verra and noticed the odd gleam in her eyes. There was also a curl of her lip that seemed to indicate that she was planing something. Something not at all good. He started to ask her a question when the story slipped ahead a few hours.


When the Imladris party reached the dining hall, they found that King Thranduil, Galion, Amoreth and a few others were already seated at the table. Elrond quickly sat down, his sons and advisors following suit.

Elladan nudged Elrohir, and subtly nodded his head towards a small elfling with long blonde hair with a small circlet upon his head, which shimmered in the light. The elfling was staring blankly at his food, and Elrohir noticed that the youngling had hardly eaten anything.

{Who do you think that is?} asked Elladan.

{I do not know. I would assume he is of nobility, although Thranduil has never informed us of having a son, and he does not look very...princely...anyway}

{Yes, i see what you mean - he is very skinny and he looks...}Elladan searched for the right word

{Lost? Vacant? Empty?} offered Elrohir, finishing Elladan's sentence as the twins always did.

{Yes...I wonder why?}

It was at this point in time when Lord Elrond noticed the Queen's absence. "Where is Ettelewen?"

At the mention of his wife's name, Thranduil stiffened. His eyes shone with anguish and anger. This response had Elrond shocked, and the twins and Imladris advisors felt much the same way.

'What has happened to his wife to make Thranduil respond in such a way?' wondered Elrond. The twins looked to the young elfling, and saw his eyes glistening with unshed tears.

Being the sensitive and loyal advisors that they were, Galion and Amoreth came to their King's aid.

"The Queen...She...There was an Orc attack...and..." Evidently, Galion was not so composed as he wished to be. Amoreth finished what Galion was trying to say.

"The Orcs got to the Queen...She has passed to the Halls of Mandos."


“Orcs got to the Queen… and Ettelewen is a stupid name.” Alec absently corrected as he looked over the feast, which was made of unnamed lumps of generic food. Nothing worth eating. Verra had started to tap her foot again.


An anguished silence arose then. How could Elrond reply? I am sorry your wife is dead? 'Why did Thranduil not send out letters of regret? I would have come sooner if i had known. Why did he not tell me?'

This revelation gave the twins some understanding though.

{Aah, so that is why the youngling is in such a state. His queen is dead. Any of the residents of Imladris would feel the same if - } Elrohir stopped talking suddenly, imagining what would happen if his mother, the Lady of Imladris, were the one raped and murdered. Deciding that it was too much to bear, he quickly stopped that line of thought.

Lack of proper capitalization, went onto the charge list.


{Yes, i know what you mean, brother. But still, it is his queen he lost, not his mother. The pain should not be as much as Thranduil's}


But oh, how he was wrong. While on the outside, the only insight to Legolas' sadness was his tears, inside his heart was being pulled apart as his mind replayed the events which would haunt his dreams for the rest of his lifetime. And elves live forever.


Noticing the twins looking upon a young elfling, Elrond inspected the yongling himself. He did not know who the child was nor why he was at the table, as Thranduil had never sent word he had a son.


Clearing his throat, Elrond adressed the elfling,"What is your name, pen- nenth?" [little one]


The young elfling did not acknowledge his question, and Thranduil answered for him.


"This is Legolas...my son."


The Imladris elves were once again shocked. Why had Thranduil never told them of his son?


As if reading their minds, Thranduil continued,


"The reason we never told you of him was that we wanted him safe. Mirkwood is being invaded by orcs a bit more than usual, and we did not want it known that there was a young heir to Mirkwood, just incase anyone kidnapped him for blackmail. Also...after the ...death...of my wife, Legolas and I have been.well distraught would be saying the least. Legolas had not recovered at all, and I am unable to whilst he is around."


Thranduil's logic did not make sense to Elrond, but he read between the lines, and realised...


"How long has it been since your wife had died?"


"I will be one year in about four weeks, so it has been eleven months so far."


The king turned into an elfling baby at the statement, causing Verra to gasp in surprise and mutter, “How dare she…”


"And you have not even started to get over your grief? After a whole year?" Questioned Elrond, shocked. Elves could die from grief if they held it in too long. A year...well it was not much to Elves, but to hold pure grief for a year...

Although, when looking at Thranduil, Elrond could tell that he had taken some anger out on something...although he knew not what. 'He probably had been hunting orcs fiercely for a while now, claiming vengeance on his poor wife.' Although Elrond could sense that that was not true.

Legolas on the other hand...the poor elfling seemed to be in a trance, tears glimmering in his eyes but refusing to fall. 'Why does he not cry? His mother is dead for the sake of the Valar!!' thought Elrond.

"Thranduil, may I please talk to you after supper?" asked Elrond.

"Aye, let us talk now then, for we have all supped."

“Didn’t they just…never mind.” Verra wasn’t paying any attention to him so what was the point of chattering on aimlessly?


As Thranduil and Elrond left the room, Glorfindel and Erestor excused themselves too, as did the twins. They all noticed, though, that the young princeling had not moved a muscle. Galion and Amoreth exchanged sad looks, and turned to the guests from Imladris.

"The little Prince has been like this since a week or two after the Queen's death. During the second week, he simply locked himself in his room, and did not eat for days on end, and whenever anyone walked past they could hear crying coming from his room." Explained Amoreth.

"And the first week after her death?" Questioned Glorfindel.

"The first week he spent in the healing rooms, recovering from his wounds. He remained unconscious for the first few days, but after that he was extremely depressed..." added Galion.

"Why was he in the healing rooms?" asked Erestor.

"Legolas was walking through the woods with his mother, as they often used to do. They were attacked by Orcs. Legolas witnessed his mother being raped and murdered..."

The elves from Imladris were beyond horrified at this. Not only was the child's mother murdered whilst he was such a young age, but raped too? And he witnessed it?! They looked to the elfling again, and he was deeper in his trance than before. The tears in his eyes were spilling down his cheeks as he murmured "Nana" [Mummy]. No wonder he was in such a state!!!

Over use of punctuation (this is not a Prachett book) was dutifully written down. When he had finished, Alec noticed he was alone. Verra had wandered off. Or more precisely had followed the King and Elrond. Sighing he ran after her. This mission was turning out to be too odd for his liking.


He found her watching the Elrond and Thranduil in the gardens talking. It was of some generic angst that Alec could care less about. Just more dribble to get Legolas to Rivendell and into the Slashy bit. He watched the conversation with her and then followed through a series of jumps where it was decided that Legolas would go with Elrond and that they would leave right away even though they had just got there. They ended up with the King and Legolas in a room alone.


"Well it seems that you have persuaded Elrond to steal you away. If this is an attempt to try and run and hide then I am ashamed of you, and you deserve punishment."

He slapped Legolas around the face.


“Enough!” Verra snapped as she stormed out of the shadows where the agents had been standing in. In an undescribed room it was mostly shadows. It helped with the dramatics in this case. Thranduil turned and looked at her surprised.


“Where did you come from?” He demanded using his best “I’m the king around here and will do the ordering, thank you very much” voice. It didn’t perturb Verra single bit. Being able to swallow most of your victims whole gave you loads of unwavering confidence.


“That is not the problem. This” And she jabbed a finger at the beaten Legolas, “Is.” She walked up to the king and pulled out the red leather bound edition of the Lord of the Rings. “You stay right there.” She demanded.


“I will not.”


“You better believe you will. Alec freeze him.”


“But…” Alec protested, he wasn’t allowed to use his sue powers in the story. It was against cannon. Besides, he wasn’t sure if freezing was in his power description. However the look that Verra was throwing him indicated that he’d better learn fast.


Angry dragons were excellent motivators. The king froze in mid swing. Apparently he was going to try and knock Verra out of the way. Not that it would have worked. Now that Thranduil was no longer an mobile unwilling target, Verra hefted the red book and pressed it up against the Elf’s chest. “By the power of Tolkien, Eru and everything that is good kind and starlighty about the elves I command you Author Spirit release this Eldar!” She said, “And if you don’t I’ll find out where you live and make you dinner.” She added as extra incentive.


There was a dramatic pause, letting Alec get into position with his sword, and then the author’s spirit came out of the Wood Elves’ King body, a shadow wraith like thing with red eyes.


“But I needed angst!” It wailed, “I needed a –“


“Poorly thought out, cliched plot device to get your chosen couple together. Haven’t you ever heard of exchange programs?” Verra said. She made a motion with her free hand and Alec swung. Though the Author was insubstantial as smoke the sword had an effect against her. It tore her in two as she dissolved into wisps of nothing. Satisfied Verra replaced the book and leaned over to where the young Legolas was cowering. “Come here sweetheart.” She cajoled, “I’m not going to hurt you. I’m going to make your daddy all better. You want that don’t you?”


Legolas nodded hesitantly. He had never seen anyone do such powerful magic. The two elves must have been sent by the Valar. Perhaps they were going to take him to see his mother. This thought cheered him greatly. So when Verra picked him up he didn’t struggle at all. Alec on the other hand had a slightly more difficult problem. Full grown elves were about a foot taller than he was normally. So when they stepped through the portal and the disguises, vanished he would most likely collapse under the weight and mass of the frozen king.


“Verra honey… I don’t think I can take the king.”


“Why not?” She asked holding the elfling. He explained his problem. Verra rolled her eyes and dropped Legolas into his arms while muttering, “Humans.” With an easy heft she had the king over her shoulder. “Come on, open the portal to the shrink’s office.” She said.


The portal opened and Alec stepped through holding the young Legolas tightly to him. Verra followed and when she stepped through she shifted shape into her larger dragon self, letting Thranduil fall onto her back. Dr. Fitzgerald was sitting quietly at his desk reading when they came in. Seeing Verra in full reptilian form gave his a slight shock as he scrambled by his side for a tranquilizer gun.






“Really?” He dropped the gun and went to look at her passenger. “Oh dear, another abuse fic?” he asked.


“Of course.” Alec said sitting Legolas down on one of the beds. He then patted down his pockets and found a Twinkie. He unwrapped and handed it to Legolas. “Here.” The doctor snatched it away.


“No uncanonical food to the characters, and besides do you even know what it’s made of?” He dropped it in a wastebasket and turned back to the Elf Lord. “He’s going to have to go into therapy… again. What froze him?”


“I did.” Alec said with a sigh, and snapped his fingers. The king blinked, looking around. He then gave a sigh of majestic proportions. Legolas cringed slightly when his father looked at him. But when he saw that the look wasn’t one that he had been seeing, but of his real father he relaxed some.


“Here again?” he asked, not taking his eyes off of his son.


“Yup.” The doctor said. He looked back at Alec and Verra (who had regained her human form) “I can take it from here.”


“You sure?” Verra asked, smiling at Thrandiul. The elf smiled at her back somewhat hesitantly. It looked like he couldn’t tell if she was going to kiss him or eat him or rob him blind. Fitzgerald nodded. Jealous, Alec pulled Verra away from the office.


“Come along dear. Don’t want to scare the good king,” he said. When they were back in their office of 3b, Alec noticed something on the floor. It was a sticky note. He read the sticky note and then looked at Verra. He repeated this several times. “Verra honey?”




“How come this says, please deliver to Department of Intelligence?”


“Does it? Really?” She looked at him completely innocent. Alec stared at her, thought about saying something about, but decided against it.

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