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Wizards are an offshoot of humanity created by the Fey and Dragons during the Great War that caused the rifts to be opened up on the world.  The fey were unable to get close to the invaders because of their iron based weapons and the dragons were constantly under assault by their long ranged weapons. So, they needed canon fodder, to put it bluntly. Hence, the wizards were created. The wizards were given the ability to manipulate the elements. It was considered a good way to get firepower.  The Fey bred the wizards in their lands. As time flows differently there, they were able to get several generations grown quickly and useful.  When the war was over, the Fey kicked them out and let them do whatever they wanted. 


Wizards live until about one hundred and eighty. They aren't considered to be adults until they are twenty five.




Originally there were fifteen families that were created. Three for each element and three that could manipulate all four elements. These fifteen families started the wizarding city of Pentarch and are considered to be the wizard equivalent of nobility. In Pentarch they ruled over the rest of the city, not letting anyone who wasn't a member of the first families to join in the council.  After the destruction of Pentarch, there was so much chaos and confusion that when the council tried to rebuild, they found that people would rather have leaders who helped them in a crisis than because of their family standing.  The division of council members remained the same (three four each element, bringing the total of council members to twelve) but the process for choosing a new member changed. This time allowing for skill and leadership ability.


The First Families still lord over the lower families as nobility, but most of the time this is considered merely status than power. However, marrying into a First Family is considered moving up in society. When an alliance between two First Families was desired they would arrange a marriage between two same sex children who had a tendency for liking the same sex. Homosexuality was not considered taboo, nor sex in general. In fact same sex marriage was considered useful for making the alliances without having to worry about mixing family bloodlines. This desire for keeping the First Families pure has led to some inbreeding.


The Trovens


The only family that doesn't have such a pure blood line is the Trovens. About fifty years before the destruction of Pentarch they decided to send a majority of their family to travel the lands and gain news and information that might not be found in other circumstances. As a First Family they also had the power to give rulings and judgments between wizards who didn't live in the city as well as acting as government representatives to the rulers of the cities and kingdoms they visited.  A Fey, Alasdair, sired a daughter with a young woman and the Element wizard Marlina Tendrith also gave birth to a Troven who she had raised in the caravan around the same time. The two children married and and their children leaked Fey and element wizard blood into the Troven line.

The result of this is that those who are direct descendants of the two children aren't always fire wizards. 


The First Families










The Oracle


The wizarding cities, both Pentarch and Xanth are the home of the Oracle. He/She is considered to be the most powerful precognitive alive and people all over the continent come to visit them. It is a wizarding tradition for parents to bring their children at the age of five to the Oracle to get a reading on what their future might be, thus help to encourage their child down the right and happy paths. The results of these readings aren't known, but tradition is tradition.  The Oracle is kept in the Oracle's Temple and is often not allowed to leave it except for official events. This does depend on the Oracle's temperament. Jono absolutely refuses to be kept and goes about as much as he pleases. The Oracle is considered a law unto their selves and can almost always override any council decision.This is because the Oracle is assumed to have a vision of the future that may lead to a disaster if the decision is allowed to go through.


The University


Wizarding children who grow up in the city attend the University from the ages of five to twenty five. There they learn how to control and use their magic as well as the traditional school subjects. Education is felt to be a high priority for a wizard because it makes them better than the human masses around them. They feel it's important to let the humans know their superiority. And they have the power to back it up.






Wizards have the ability to manipulate one of the four elements, these being Fire, Water, Earth and Air. There are also wizards who can control all four elements, called element wizards. However after the destruction of Pentarch, the element bloodlines were thought to be lost. They reappeared in Alec Troven, the first to be born in a thousand years. There are no wizards who can control three or two elements.


The elements manifest themselves as a sixth sense. Wizards describe it as the Song that's constantly in their minds letting them know that they're connected to the world. They manipulate the song through will, like conductors. One of the worst things that can happen to a wizard is to cut them off of their ability to sense the Song. It's like being made so that they can't feel anything. Cutting is considered the worst punishment that can be given to a wizard. 90% of wizards cut off commit suicide with in six months.


Notable Wizards


Time of Pentarch




Time of Quarim



Game Stats

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