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Physical Description


Orion is 150 years old making him look like a human in his early thirties. He's a large muscled man with piercing ice-blue eyes. His hair is white-blond and cut short. His face is narrow and hawkish looking. He stand at six feet tall and weighs about 150 pounds. His wings are a pearl grey fading to near white at their tips.


Being exceptionally large, Orion uses his size to intimidate people.





It could easily be said that Orion is insane, but that doesn't account for his cool and calculating mind. Instead it's better to say that he's ruthless and a sadist. He enjoys his position as a general and he enjoys causing bloodshed. To him, the warping of Alex's mind, driving the boy utterly insane, is his greatest accomplishment. 


Orion also enjoys manipulating people, setting them up against each other to cause general chaos and anger. While sometimes it is random, most of the time he's moving people around like chess pieces to get them into positions he wants without them knowing it. 


He's patient, willing to change plans, and good at thinking in the long term.


To most people Orion appears to be a somewhat affable, charming man. He has charisma. Though if someone threatens him or Alex, the full force of his personality and anger bears down on them without him needing say a word. This makes people reluctant to challenge him because he has the "Who are you to question me, you peon?" look down. People feel like they've lost some sort of battle when they're done dealing with him.






Orion is one of the youngest of seven children born in the middle towards the bottom caste. The ones who looked after the animals and brought food in from the held lands. As one of the youngest of a large family, most of what he had was hand-me-downs. The position that his family held allowed the young Orion to see what the upper castes had and he wanted it. More to the point, he wanted something to call his own. 


When he grew old enough, he joined the colony's military and rather swiftly flew up the ranks. He's not the youngest general, but he is one of the youngest. At first the military was glad to have such an enthusiastic recruit, but when they saw what sort of recruit they got they became leery.  Unfortunately Orion is VERY good at his job and his superiors couldn't fault him for anything.  His flights had the fewest injuries and the best battle records for enemies killed and captured. His men were



Relationship with Alex


Upon making General, Orion was gifted with new quarters and a personal servant, Alex.  The fledgling was supposed to serve as his personal runner and page.  Orion decided that he would make Alex uniquely his and on the very day they met slowly started to terrorize and manipulate Alex both physically and mentally. He made Alex sit naked whenever he was in their quarters, he empathically modified his emotional responses so that they were favorable to Orion's suggestions.


However, Alex was only a bonded slave and when his term ended, Orion already had become quite attached to him. In many ways, it could be said that Alex is the only person Orion has genuine feelings for and cares about.  In any case, he wasn't going to let his servant/toy (which Alex had become by the time) go so he went to Alex's parents and bought him out right.  Then to make doubly sure no one could take Alex away from him, he forcibly bonded the two of them together.


Orion takes Alex everywhere with him. He spoils and indulges Alex much like someone with their favorite pet. As he's collared Alex, the comparisson isn't that far off. Often times he'll egg Alex into an inappropriate action just to see the results. If anyone complains well, it's not Orion or Alex's fault that Alex is utterly insane, now is it? 




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