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King Phelps

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King of Lancoon


Physical Description


Phelps is a tall man with very narrow features. His cheek bones are prominent, making his dark eyes seem in shadow. He's wiry and long limbed, though he fits into his body well with no awkwardness. His hair is black and lank; he keeps it short as to not be in the way.


As king he wears the finest and most fashionable clothes in the city. Many times fashions will start with what he decides to wear. He favors dark reds and burgundy. His crowns are thin and braided silver with emeralds or rubies caught in little cages. He wears the one with emeralds for special or official occasions. The rubies are for every day. He says that the red reminds him of the blood of his people who depend on him and his decisions.




Phelps is a rather nervous sort. He never expected to be king -being the third child - and has this almost constant worry of failure. As he's become used to his role as king, he has become less nervous, but still he has this constant little voice that says, "he shouldn't be king". Mir, his consort, says this makes him a better king, because he always has to try to be a good king.






No one expected Phelps to become king, especially not Phelps himself. He was the third of three children, and was looking forward to if, not a life of idleness, one of advising his brother and working as one of his ministers. A series of accidents changed all of that. Within a year of each other both Phelps' father and older (childless) brother died. They were both ruled accidents because there wasn't any evidence of foul play. This should have put his sister, Antil onto the throne, but she abdicated it, saying she wished to spend her time in isolation and contemplation. She moved to one of the smaller palaces and keeps her own council. There are rumors that it is she who had her brother and father meet the accidents and she is under the influence of the fey. Why this would be, and why she would allow her younger brother onto the throne is unknown. She still does  have her supporters in court, but they have slowly stopped trying to actively oppose Phelps.


To try and make a name for himself and get his squabbling court together, he launched an ambitious two fold plan. One: revitalize the decaying city of Lancoon and two: recapture the lost territories. This has met with slow but gaining success. Already the city has seen growth and restoration, and the palace itself is regaining it's old glory. The second part of his plan faltered until he met General Orion.  Sent from across the sea as an ambassador (or so he says) Orion offered to help kick the army back into shape, making it actually effective. Phelps accepted. 


Around this same time, a new court bard was assigned by the name of Mir. Phelps found Mir refreshing in his lack of deference to him as a king as well as finding him rather attractive. They had a brief courtship, where it seemed like Mir courted Phelps (and perhaps they did) before Phelps decided to take him on as his royal consort. He couldn't marry Mir, much to his disappointment because of the minor problem of Mir being unable to bear him children. The court has lukewarm feelings about Mir, while they realize that yes the king has a right to choose who he sleeps with and in a sense marry, he's also been reluctant to find a queen to produce and heir with.  He has found faults with all potential candidates.


The only person who doesn't seem to mind his and Mir's relationship is Rufus, the wizard assigned to his court to look out for his people's interests.  He has taken great delight in watching the two of them and trying to catch them in private moments. Rufus is a horrid lech.


In Into the Rifts , which takes place about five years after he meets Mir, he is introduced to Laruna Troven by Rufus who offers her as potential queen material. He says that an allience with the wizards would make both people exceptionally powerful. As it looks like Welk is taking offense to his more aggressive campaigns having succeeded in taking over the smaller kingdoms around him, and has started talks with the city state of  Gezbin Rufus' idea looks rather appealing.



Plans and plots



Books appearing in:


  • Into the Rifts



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