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Jono Sayer

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Jono the current Oracle in Alec's time, as well as Alec's lover.

 Jono Sayer

Physical Description


Jono is husky and tall, about six feet seven inches tall with short wavey auburn hair and hazel eyes. His face is round and he has a thick nose. Generally he wears a pleased expression or a smirk. His clothes are finely made, after all being the Oracle he deserves nothing less. The clothes of the Oracle are black and silver, but he does have other clothes in other colors, even if they have the Oracle's sigil on them.





Jono's personality can easily be summed up as spoiled rotten.  In his entire life he's almost always gotten what he wanted and his mother dotted on him endlessly. This inflated his idea of self-importance which then translated to the way he interacted with others, which tended to be haughty and almost like a bully and most definitely stuck -up.  Naraccisst could also easily be applied to him. Becoming the Oracle didn't help much either.


This isn't to say that he doesn't care about people.  He cares deeply about Alec and in someway he does care about his duties, he just doesn't like being told that he has to do it. Though one of the reasons why he likes Alec so much is that Alec doesn't let him get away with stuff. He finds Alec a challenge and a good companion because he doesn't back down. He found it fascinating at first when they were children, tried to understand it, and then grew to enjoy Alec and his company.


When Alec came back after spending five years with his grandfather, he renewed his friendship, but found his feelings had turned to more romantic means. He prefers the dominant position in the relationship, which Alec gives him, because he has this need to take care of him. Jono's way of going about it is a bit on the gruff and what could be considered abusive, but he'd never hurt Alec. He just isn't very good at doing things that don't require him to be in control.








Plans and plots



Books appearing in:




Blind Seer:  Subversion. The one time Jono is blinded, he is unable to see the future.

Mad Oracle:  Alec claims Jono is this. Lovingly.

Elemental Powers: Jono is a fire wizard. Best in his class.

Heroes Want Redheads: Jono is the love interest. Though he's more auburn haired.

Non Action Guy




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