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Into the Rifts

Page history last edited by Kippur 10 years, 10 months ago


Third in the wizard's Saga


Work In Progress


Brief Summary


Alec is sent on a quest to recover the missing Lance of Ice, however it is in another world in a rift long closed. Thus he must figure out how to open the rift to retrieve it.  Also introduced in this story is King Phelps, his lover Mir; Orion and Alex who will figure prominently in their own series. 


The subplot of the novel is dealing with Laruna and Phelps who have to decide if they should get married as it might benefit both their peoples.




Cast List


Sasha: Phelp's older brother, deceased.

Anitl: Phelp's older sister, living

Tremar: Seriph of the Cult of Lorac

Elania Lay, Current Bearer of the Spear of Fire

Vash Lay: Cousin to Elania.

Olivan: Current bearer of the ax of earth

Tera-Lyn: Current bearer of the bow of air.

Marta: King Phelps' great aunt

Lady Gell, one of the ladies at court.




Rhys Owens: Commander power unknown

Jonathan Nolan: telepath, Rhys' nephew.

Adrian Fraser: Empath

Adrianna Fraser: Healer

Adrienne Fraser: Telekentic

Fox DeLeon: General Psychic

Kale Delvar: pyschometric techopath

Trever Delvar: Faunapath









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