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Physical Description


Alex is slightly built and exceptionally fey looking. He's about 5' 4" tall and weighs about 100 pounds tops.  He's very tan with numerous decorative scars on his face, arms and chest. Scars that Orion gave him.  His hair is a long unruly black, long enough to be kept tied back. His eyes are a dark brown, usually accentuated by make-up.  He wears a golden collar around his neck that has an attachment for a leash, tight fitting leather clothes and no shoes.


He can be found smiling, but it's not a pleasant smile. Instead it's a cracked and broken one which shows how utterly insane and far from human he is. His movements are quick and graceful, if a bit off balance. The off-balance comes from his broken wing.


Alex's wings are a dark brown with rusted red tips. His left wing is broken and never healed right, so he can't fly. He can glide, but awkwardly. Orion broke the wing and let it heal so that he couldn't fly without assistance.  It hurts him like a constant twitching itch that he can't ever scratch.


At about sixty eight, Alex looks like a human in his mid-to late teens.




It is difficult to describe Alex psychologically. This is because up until he met Orion he was one person and Orion turned him into someone else. The memories are all the same, but the new personality has over-rided the old one. The old personality exists no more than information on a hard-drive exists after being wiped. Or perhaps the old Alex has been warped and twisted into the new one.


Pre-Orion Alex was very self-sacrificing. He would do things that he didn't feel comfortable doing if it would help his family. At the utter bottom of the caste he grew up with the idea that he should do whatever his betters told him to.  His betters being everyone else.  Alex found himself in a lot of uncomfortable situations, but never protested. He knew his place. Perhaps his down fall was being eager to please.


After Orion Alex has become an utter sadist and masochist. He enjoys causing pain and hunting down people to watch them die. His entire world revolves around Orion and making him happy. Orion's reprogramming left him exceptionally cracked with no morality to speak of. He doesn't kill or hurt people who annoy him because Orion told him not to. This doesn't stop him from thinking about it. 


His insanity and empathy has given him a hyper awareness of the world around him.





Alex was born into the lowest of the low caste. There are no lower castes than his. As the oldest of five children, he felt it was his responsibility to help support the family. His parents paid for a tutor for him so that he could learn useful skills, like reading and mathematics and hopefully move up in society.


When his parents felt he was ready, he leapt at every job opportunity he could. Some of them, perhaps, weren't as savory as others but he did do the work. Eventually he got a job in the military as support staff and was assigned to Orion as his runner.


This event changed his life.


Orion very carefully twisted Alex into his creature. Orion's superiors objected to what Orion was doing, Orion went to Alex's parents and offered to take him as a bonded servant for a ridiculous amount of money. By this time, Alex was half way to being Orion's creature.  When the tenure for Alex's bond servitude came up Alex was now completely Orion's creature and he refused to leave his service, despite what his parents wanted.  Reluctantly, they gave him up. Orion paid them handsomely.



Relationship with Orion


Alex is Orion's creature. He is bound to Orion through their empathic bond. He loves Orion, surprsingly. Orion takes care of him and his every need.  He is completely submissive to Orion and only Orion. Orion encourages his insanity, often times driving him into jealousy or anger just to see what happens.  He's happy being Orion's pet, letting Orion do whatever he wants to him. Orion has him spy on people as most people don't pay any attention to a slave. Being highly intelliegent and having an excellent memory he makes an excellent spy and sounding board for Orion's plans.



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