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Alec Troven

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Alec Troven

First element wizard born after the destruction of Pentarch.Alec Troven


Physical Description


Alec is lanky looking like a mix between a fey and a human sort of squashed together.  He has dark black hair and mud brown eyes. His ears are largely pointed. In many ways he looks like he never got out of puberty being all knees and elbows. Alec could easily be described as pretty, with his large eyes and narrow almost feminine face.  He likes wearing earthy colors, though with the family designs of the phoenix. Generally he can be found in worn clothes as he runs loose in the city. After Call of the Champion his features changed a lot, he has armor that seems to be piecemeal but is Fey made so it is rather durable. Also he has a blue crescent-moon shaped tattoo on the right side of his face indicating that he is the Champion of the Sword of Dragons.The King of the Fey also "gifted" Alec with a long scar on the left side of his face, some what ruining those pretty looks.  If asked about it, he doesn't really have an opinion on it one way or the other. It's just there and he only notices it when he looks in the mirror. As his lover Jono doesn't seem to care, why should he? 





Alec is rather quiet. He takes a lot of abuse, like from his sister, and doesn't get angry. Generally he lets people have their way without complaint. Though he does have a breaking point, and if he thinks that something wrong is being done against some one, be it him or someone else or if he just really doesn't like it, he'll explode in temper.  It's likely he keeps himself subdued because of his fear of letting his powers loose.  He's never had competent training in their use and if he's not careful he can do a lot of damage. So, he keeps himself submissive and passive aggressive. 


Sexually he leans more to men than women and likes being in control, even if he's underneath. Something that frustrates Jono, but it makes the relationship more exciting.






The youngest of three children, by an hour, Alec was unexpected. Unexpected and born on the leap day, a half hour after midnight. His parents weren't expecting twins. Though surprised they welcomed him warmly, naming him Alexander Raven after their Fey ancestor Alisadair, and his father Raven Alexander.  The nick name Alec came along when he and his sister, Laruna, had trouble trouble pronouncing it, saying "Alec'saner". Eventually it got shortened to just Alec, and stuck. Though Greywolf, their older brother sometimes calls him "little brother" and his grandparents have fondly named him "little bird", both irk him to no end, though he only complains about his brother's name.  His parents named his godfather Kratz, an old witch who helped give birth to him and a long time friend of the family. Kratz had a great deal of influence in Alec's life, who loved the old man dearly.


Alec's elemental abilities were first realized when he was enrolled at the University. They tested him and he responded to all elements. Zaladine, the head of the council, conferring with his mother Sela they decided to hide his ability and train him as a fire wizard, vainly hoping that his other abilities would atrophied. They did not, and perhaps this hiding led to greater problems when he grew up as he never recieved proper training and when he was older, the Council panicked.


The reason why his powers didn't atrophied was that he did use them, in the privacy of his home like any child would and because Kratz gave him minor training. Alec never question how Kratz knew elemental magic, being a witch, because Kratz knew everything in his young mind.


Tradgedy struck when Alec was thirteen. His mother fell down the stairs of their home and broke her neck



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